Skolu tiesību atbalsts


Subscribing and use of the service

  1. 1.How can I become a subscriber of Skolutiesibas.lv?

    In order to become a subscriber of Skolutiesibas.lv and to be able to take advantage of all of its benefits, you have to submit an application in the “Service” section. Fill in the application form by providing all the required details. You will receive a subscription invoice in your e-mail within one business day. The information needed to access all documents of Skolutiesibas.lv and to receive the professional development certificate (if applied for by providing all the necessary information) will be issued within five (5) business days from the date of settling the invoice. Apply for the service now and start using all the benefits of this service until 31st of December, 2023.

  2. 2.Can a physical person become a subscriber of Skolutiesibas.lv?

    Yes, physical persons can also become our clients by providing the required information in the “Service” section (name, last name and personal identity number of a physical person).

  3. 3.Can Skolutiesibas.lv be used by several users within a single educational institution?

    Yes, the access data sent to the subscriber can be used by any employee of the educational institution.

  4. 4.What should I do if I have forgotten my password or user name for Skolutiesibas.lv?

    Contact Skolutiesibas.lv by sending an e-mail to jurists@skolutiesibas.lv or by calling +371 29696234. You will receive the access data within one business day.

  5. 5.How can I get more information if I have particular questions in relation to the service and its use?

    If you have any questions or uncertainty regarding Skolutiesibas.lv send us an e-mail to jurists@skolutiesibas.lv or call us during business days from 9.00 to 17.00 using the phone number +371 29696234.

  6. 6.What information will be included in the subscription invoice?

    The subscription invoice (signed electronically) prepared for you will contain the following subject: “Mandatory documentation of an educational institution “Subscription to methodological materials for 2023””. The information contained within the subject can be edited according to the accounting needs at the request of the subscriber.

Subscription fee

  1. 7.Is the yearly subscription fee of EUR 70 final and without any concealed fees?

    Yes, EUR 70 is the whole sum for using the service, which refers to all the subscriber benefits listed in the “Service” section of the website. Apply for the service now and start using all the benefits of this service until 31st of December, 2023. The subscription fee presented for year 2023 is invariable regardless of the date of purchase.

  2. 8.Does the yearly subscription fee relate to a calendar or a school year?

    The subscription fee is established for the calendar year of 2023. The fee is invariable regardless of the date of purchase.

  3. 9.Is it possible to divide the subscription fee of EUR 70 in several payments?

    Yes, it is possible to divide this sum into two or three payments at your request.

  4. 10.Is it possible to purchase only separately selected documents?

    Unfortunately, such a feature is not offered at the moment. The service includes a unified set of documents.


  1. 11.What kind of information will be sent to my e-mail after becoming a subscriber? And how often?

    You will receive the latest information regarding the most topical changes in laws and prepared samples of internal documents once a month. The same information will always be available in the “Documents” section.

  2. 12.Are all documents available in an electronic form and provided with editing possibilities?

    All documents are available in an electronic form and provided with editing possibilities. However, legal order compilations and monthly statements of changes in laws will be available in an electronic read-only form. These are informative materials regarding the legal order adopted on a national level.

  3. 13.Is it allowed for the subscriber to distribute the documents received from Skolutiesiības.lv to other persons outside of the educational institution?

    No, it is not allowed. All personal and property rights to documents prepared by Skolutiesibas.lv are reserved. Subscribers of Skolutiesibas.lv are not allowed to share their user names and passwords, as well as documents with anyone outside of the activity area of their institutions neither electronically, physically nor in any other way, except in cases when certain documents need to be coordinated with an institution of a higher power.

  4. 14.Will I be able to get assistance as a subscriber in preparation of specific documents – such that are not included among the samples of Skolutiesibas.lv?

    Yes, you will receive all the assistance you need. Individual consultations and preparation of documents is a paid service. We will make an agreement before proceeding with our collaboration on the amount of work to be performed and remuneration.


  1. 15.How are consultations provided exactly? How can I apply for one?

    Consultations are provided via e-mail. To apply for a consultation send an e-mail to jurists@skolutiesibas.lv.

  2. 16.What kind of information will I be able to get during consultations?

    During toll-free consultations our subscribers will be provided with answers to basic legal inquiries and possible solutions to problematic situations. The answer or consultation will be provided to the subscriber immediately on the merits, unless it is not possible in terms of the amount of work to be done or the answer requires an extensive legal research. If the answer requires an extensive legal research there is always a possibility to agree on an individual legal consultation for an additional fee. If answering to your question is not within the competency of the specialists of Skolutiesibas.lv, we will suggest other institutions, specialists or documents that might be able to assist you in finding the right answer.

  3. 17.What should I do if I need extensive consultations and assistance in preparation of documents?

    We will be happy to assist you both with consultations and in preparation of documents. We will make an agreement before proceeding on the amount of work to be performed and costs.

  4. 18.Are there time limits for consultations?

    Communication by sending an e-mail to jurists@skolutiesibas.lv is available at any time of the day. Consultations on site or using Skype - by making arrangements in advance.

  5. 19.Can I get a paid consultation from a lawyer without becoming the subscriber of Skolutiesibas.lv?

    Consultations are provided primarily to our subscribers, however, we can offer individual legal consultations and assistance in preparation of documents to other customers, as well.


  1. 20.What is the certificate of professional development that you offer? What kind of acquisition of knowledge does it certify?

    The use of Skolutiesibas.lv service provides the subscriber with the acquisition of juridical knowledge, therefore, a responsible representative of the educational institution is able within the context of the subscription to acquire a certificate of the educational programme “Legal aspects of Management of an Educational Institution” (12-hour “A” programme).

  2. 21.Can a single subscriber within the educational institution provide several certificates for several responsible employees?

    Yes, if all these employees are working daily with the documentation prepared by skolutiesibas.lv. There is an additional fee of EUR 15 for each certificate, that is added to the subscription sum.

  3. 22.How am I going to receive the certificate of professional qualification development?

    The certificate of professional development will be sent in an electronic form to your e-mail address within three business days from the date of purchasing the subscription of Skolutiesibas.lv. Your certificate will be signed using a secure electronic signature in compliance with the Electronic Documents Law.

Other questions

  1. 23.Does Skolutiesibas.lv organize seminars regarding legal inquiries?

    We are not offering regular seminars at the moment, however, in certain cases we may review the option to provide a seminar at an individual request, by agreeing on the topic of the seminar, time of occurrence, the remuneration and other details. In order to receive additional information regarding the possibility of organizing a seminar, contact Skolutiesibas.lv.

  2. 24.Can Skolutiesibas.lv perform an audit of individual internal legal documents of a school?

    Yes, we can offer this kind of service by agreeing on the volume of documentation to be audited, time of occurrence, remuneration and other details. To find out more, please contact us using the information contained within the “Contact” section!