Skolu tiesību atbalsts

About site Skolutiesibas.lv

The purpose of site Skolutiesibas.lv is to provide support to management employees of educational institutions in order to ensure compliance to law regulations.

Skolutiesibas.lv has been an indispensable support platform for head masters, their deputies, records managers and secretaries of various Latvian educational institutions since 2011, by providing juridical information and assistance in preparation of all necessary documents.

Skolutiesibas.lv is approved by more than 800 Latvian schools, pre-schools and institutions of professional education. Find out more – read the reviews!

Founder of Skolutiesibas.lv:

“I established site Skolutiesibas.lv because the legal framework of Latvian educational institutions is currently subject to a considerable expansion. It encompasses a number of different legal areas, and the amount of internal legal documents to be prepared has also increased. Working with such documents requires specific juridical knowledge and thorough understanding of juridical methods of document preparation.

My previous work experience in both public and private sectors has given me knowledge and experience in a broad area of competence. Therefore, by specializing in matters of educational institutions, I was able to create a platform which any school representative can easily navigate through to get all necessary documents and information regarding the topical modifications in legal acts, as well as get consultations with a lawyer specializing in this field.”


Kristaps Runts, founder and lawyer of Skolutiesibas.lv

Kristaps Runts Education and expierence


  • Master of Laws, University of Latvia, 2008
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Latvia, 2006
  • Bachelor of Business Management Studies, Rīga Stradiņš University, 2005

Professional development

  • Certified Personal Data Protection specialist, Data State Inspectorate, 2017 (2012)
  • Certified Labour Protection specialist, Labour Protection Centre, 2013

Additional training

  • Programming language JavaScript, Riga Technical University, 44 h, 2019
  • Training course in taxes and tax book-keeping, University of Latvia, 32 h, 2013
  • Training course in accounting, Latvian Association of Certified Auditors, 40 h, 2012
  • Training course in practical accounting, Riga Technical University, 48 h, 2011


  • Experience in daily operations of state administrative institutions: Ministry of Economics; National Centre for Education of the Ministry of Education and Science
  • Professional activities in private sector: Ltd “Baltisches Haus”; office of attorneys at law “Borenius”

Agris Bukovskis (Latvian) Jurists

(Latvian) Izglītība

  • (Latvian) Tiesību maģistrs, Rīgas Stradiņa Universitāte, 2016
  • (Latvian) Tiesību bakalaurs, Latvijas Policijas akadēmija/ Latvijas Universitāte, 2013
  • (Latvian) Sertificēts apdrošināšanas brokeris, Latvijas apdrošināšanas brokeru asociācija, 2017

(Latvian) Papildu apmācība

  • (Latvian) Efektīva komunikācija un saskarsme (Master Training), 2020
  • (Latvian) Neirolīderība un emocionālā inteliģence (Master Training), 2020
  • (Latvian) Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (Coursera), 2021

(Latvian) Pieredze

  • (Latvian) Pieredze vadošu valsts pārvaldes iestāžu darbā: Ārlietu ministrija; Izglītības ministrijas Valsts izglītības satura centrs, Latvijas investīciju un attīstības aģentūra
  • (Latvian) Darbs privātajā jomā: SIA “Colemont FKB Latvia”, SIA “IT de iure”, SIA “Dart Frog”